Lucernae Numismatics

DECIMOCUARTA XIV  –  25 May 2023

Lucernae Numismatics, DECIMOCUARTA XIV

Ancient (Iberian, Celtic, Greek and Roman), Islamic (Al-Andalus), Medieval, S...

Th, 25.05.2023, from 8:00 PM CEST
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★ Original shine still remining in some areas ★

Roman Empire - Vespasian (AD 69-79). AV Aureus (7,13 g. 20 mm.). Rome mint, 75 A.D.

IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG, laureate bust right.

PAX AVGVST, Pax seated left, holding branch and sceptre.

RIC 770; CBN 251; BMC 280; Calicó 662.

Good very fine condition. Beautiful color. Original shine in some areas.

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The auction is closed.
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