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Leu Numismatik, Web Auction 30

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★ An exceedingly rare original 25 Toman presentation piece ★

IRAN, Qajars. Nasir al-Din Shah, AH 1264-1313 / AD 1848-1896. 25 Toman AH 1301 = 1883/4 B (Gold, 50 mm, 71.00 g, 6 h). Uniformed bust of Nasir al-Din Shah facing slightly to left within olive wreath. Rev. السُّلطان الاعظـــــم والخاقان الافخم ناصرالدین شاه قاجار (The great Sultan and dignified Khaqan, Nasir al-Din Shah Qajar) / ۱۳۰۱ (1301) within circle between olive and oak branches; above, Kiani crown; below, lion with sabre and sun flanked by floral symbols above mintmark. Friedberg 58. KM 951. In NGC encapsulation, graded AU DETAILS. The only example graded AU by NGC. Exceedingly rare, a very large presentation piece. Professionally restored obverse with minor smoothing, otherwise, extremely fine.

From the Asha & Ardeshir Dabestani Collection, ex Heritage 3026, 27 September 2013, 25131.

This remarkable piece is one of the great rarities in the entire Toman coinage. Few examples have ever been offered for sale, most being more recent restrikes. Our piece, however, is an original strike, retaining its luster and sharp detail, with only minor professional restoration on the obverse. The exact mint remains uncertain, with Tehran, Birmingham, and Brussels all proposed by researchers. It is highly likely that the reverse die was crafted in Brussels. Please note that the date given on the NGC holder (AH 1310) is incorrect.

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