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Leu Numismatik, Web Auction 13

Celtic, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Medieval and Modern coins

Part 1: Sa, 15.08.2020, from 02:00 PM CEST
Part 2: Su, 16.08.2020, from 02:00 PM CEST
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Part 1: Sa, 15.08.2020, until 01:45 PM CEST
Part 2: Su, 16.08.2020, until 01:45 PM CEST


CELTIC, Lower Danube. Geto-Dacians. Denarius (Silver, 18 mm, 2.57 g, 4 h), imitating Rome. Head of Roma to right, wearing winged helmet. Rev. Horseman galloping right, his left arm outstretched; below horse, four-spoked wheel. Dembski -. Dessewffy -. Flesche -. Forrer -. Lanz -. Very rare. Rough surfaces and with some weakness, otherwise, nearly very fine.

From the collection of Harald J., Lower Austria, formed since the 1990s.

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