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Auction 3  –  16 December 2018

KETOS Auctions, Auction 3

Ancient Art

Su, 16.12.2018, from 7:00 PM CET
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Roman Danubian Rider "Mystery Plaque"
2nd-4th century CE
Lead, 84 mm
Scene within a snake circle surrounded by the personifications of the seasons. A fish above. Within the circle the standing figure of Nemesis between the heads of Luna and Sol. In the centre a standing goddess (Epona?) between danubian riders, trampling down captives. In the left field a man with a ram's head saluting. Above a table. In the right field a raven and a rooster. Below, an armour, a ram's head, a cantharos and a candelabrum placed on a pedestal. Left, a man skinning a ram hanging from a tree beside three rings. Perhaps a criobolium scene! Ertl Type G2. Lit: Ertl, Rudolf Franz. Donaureiter Bleivotivtafeln. Museumsverein Petronell-Carnuntum Auxilliarkastell. 1996.
Very fine condition.
Ex. Coll. M.D., acquired at the european art market.; Ex. St. Paul Antiques London 2017.

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Price realized 600 EUR 22 bids
Starting price 120 EUR
The auction is closed.
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