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Auction 4  –  1 July 2022

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KETOS Auctions, Auction 4

Ancient and World Coins, Ancient Art

Fr, 01.07.2022, from 6:00 PM CEST
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Roman Danubian Rider "Mystery Plaque"
78 mm
~ 2nd-4th century
Round-type plaque/medallion. Fish flanked by stars. Nemesis standing right between busts of Sol and Luna. Behind Sol a tripod table with three cups. In the Centre goddess standing facing, holding up fold of garment with both hands, between danubian rider holding spears while saluting. Both riders are trampling down two captives. Behind the right rider, male figure with ram's head standing left. Standing rooster behind left one. In lower part, military attire, kantharos, a candelabrum with an oil lamp, a man flaying an animal hanging from a tree (perhaps a criobolium scene), and a lion. All within stripe ending in serpent heads.
Ertl Type H1. Lit: Ertl, Rudolf Franz. Donaureiter Bleivotivtafeln. Museumsverein Petronell-Carnuntum Auxilliarkastell. 1996.

Austrian collection, acquired at the European art market.

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