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Auction 34  –  24 February 2024

Bucephalus Numismatic, Auction 34

Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Medieval Coins, Seals, Antiquities

Sa, 24.02.2024, from 7:00 PM CET
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★ Extremely rare ★

ROMANOS SKLEROS. proedros, stratopedarches of the East and doux of Antioch (ca 1054-1057 AD).

Obv.: Archangel Michael standing facial, nimbate, winged, wearing imperial dress, holding a cruciger sceptre in his right and a cruciger globus in his left, sigla in the fields, M-X =Μ[Ι]Χ[ΑΗΛ] ([Archangel] Michael), dotted border.

Rev: Inscription in 7 lines following a cross, +/ ΡΩΜΑΝ,/ ΠΡΟΕΔΡΟ,/ CΤΡΑΤΟΠΕ/
Romanos Skleros, proedros, stratopedarches of the East and dux of Antioch), dotted border.

DO seals BZS 1958.106.5699 and BZS 1951.31.5.49 show that while doux of Antioch Skleros rose from magistros to proedros; a letter of Michael Keroularios dated to June/July 1054, which addresses him as proedros and doux of Antioch, indicates that this promotion took place shortly before this time. Other seals, showing a change of patron saint from St. George to St. Michael, proclaim Skleros proedros, doux of Antioch, and stratopedarches of the East (REG 13 [1900]: 471–73; Likhachev, Molivdovuly, 104, pl. LXIII, 9; Seyrig, no. 159; SBS 5 [1998]: 147).

Condition : Very fine.
Weight : 40.49 g
Diameter: 34.7 mm

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