Web Auction 2  –  9 December 2023

Astarte, Web Auction 2

Ancient and World Coins, Medals

Sa, 09.12.2023, from 4:00 PM CET
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EGYPT. Alexandria. Trajan, 98-117. Drachm (Bronze, 33.66 mm, 19.02 g). L I S Year 16 = 112/3. [AYT TPA]IAN CЄB ΓЄΡΜ ΔΑΚΙΚ Laureate half-lenght nude bust of Trajan right, wearing aegis on left shoulder. Rev. Demeter draped, seated on chair left, extending her right hand to a kalanthos on altar, from which ears of wheat sprout, and holding long torch in the left hand; date LI in the field to left, ζ to right. RPC III, 4710.1 this specimen illustred on plate 222; Dattari -; Emmett-. Unicum. Nearly extremely fine.
From the G. M. Staffieri Collection. Purchased from Seaby's, London, on April 1986.

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