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Astarte, Web Auction 2

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Sa, 09.12.2023, from 4:00 PM CET
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CILICIA. Nagidos. Circa 420-385 BC. Stater (Silver, 21.16 mm, 10.32 g) Aphrodite draped, seated to left on throne decorated with palmette at each side, holding patera in extended right hand and resting the left arm on her lap; Eros nude standing facing to right, head turned to left, grasping Aphrodite’s left arm with his right hand and holding wreath in his left resting arm. IΣ (retrograde) to lower right. Rev. NAΓIΔEΩN vertical to outer right. Dionysos bearded and nude standing facing, head turned to left, drapery on shoulders, behind his body and on both arms, holding kantharos in his right hand with vine leaf and branch above to left and long thyrsus in his left hand. AN monogram to lower right (not full visible) Casabonne Type 1; Lederer Group 1 (unlisted variety); SNG BN 1 var.; SNG Levante 1 var (legends); SNG von Aulock - ; BMC - ; SNG Paris 1. From artistic dies. Lightly moving strike and minor cut test on obverse, otherwise, Good Very Fine/Extremely Fine. Rare.
From a European collection formed prior to 2005.

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